7 Weight Loss Myths

5 Dec

Weight loss is such a hot topic and typically it appears that everybody is making an attempt to shed some pounds. The media constantly inundates shoppers with contradictory data and celebrities can happily share their weight loss tips at the drop of a hat.

In the torrent of knowledge, there are quite a number of weight loss myths. Seven of the foremost common are listed during this article.

Lose belly fat/Spot reduction
Who hasn’t seen those ads for losing belly fat or obtaining thinner thighs? all of them claim that varied product will assist you lose fat on one explicit a part of the body. it’d be pretty funny if it were true. Imagine an individual with fat everywhere his body – aside from the thighs. You never see such an individual as a result of spot reduction is not possible. an individual loses weight everywhere his body, not simply on one half.

You must eat breakfast
There’s nothing wrong with eating breakfast, of course. but you are doing not essentially have to be compelled to eat as soon as you rouse. It’s best to eat at intervals 3 hours of waking up. coming up with meals and eating throughout the day helps you eat right. If you skip breakfast you will overeat later as a result of you’re terribly hungry.

Weight loss pills are safe if they’re natural
Weight loss supplements usually claim to be natural and safe however is that continuously true? simply because one thing is natural doesn’t mean that it’s safe. Deadly nightshade is natural however it’s toxic and even fatal for humans if its berries are eaten. Herbal weight loss supplements are largely unregulated and it’s best to consult your doctor 1st if you’d prefer to take diet pills.

Foods that burn fat
This is one myth that persists even supposing by its terribly definition, food is fuel for the body. It offers energy and nutrients. It doesn’t burn fat. The body burns fat, not food! There are some foods that contain ingredients like caffeine that may quickly speed up your metabolism however it’ll not assist you lose weight.

Carbs are dangerous
Carbohydrates don’t seem to be dangerous and that they don’t cause you to fat. Calories cause you to fat, not carbohydrates. the reality is, any style of balanced, healthy diet can work. o long as you chop back on total calories consumed per day.

Lifting weights makes gain weight and bulk up
Exercise could be a good way to lose weight and lifting weights to create muscle mass is nice. huge bodybuilder muscles need intense coaching and the majority who life weights to lose weight needn’t concern that they’ll bulk up.

To burn fat you would like intense exercise
Any style of exercise burns calories and you’ll lose weight even with light-weight or moderate exercise. Some individuals do value more highly to do intense exercises as a result of it’s terribly difficult and rewarding for them to try and do however it’s not necessary. Elderly individuals, individuals with disabilities or medical conditions will still interact in straightforward exercises and lose weight that means.

Walking, for instance, is liberated to do and might be done by virtually everybody. people who like additional intense exercises will choose jogging, cycling or maybe long distance running. simply use caution once you are exercising in a very comparatively isolated space outdoors. For your own safety you’ll keep a TASER device handy in any respect times. it’s safe to use and non-lethal, in contrast to a gun. In case you run into hassle you’ll use it to stun an individual and then run away and imply facilitate.

To summarize, the important key to losing weight isn’t fat burning foods, natural diet pills or avoiding carbohydrates, it’s to scale back calorie intake whereas burning calories through healthy exercise.


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