Psycho Hunger – Save Yourself from Obesity

28 Nov

Obesity is one among the largest issues facing the nation nowadays. Health issues due to obesity are a major concern. Junk food and different fatty food substances have compounded the problem. There are different reasons why we don’t seem to be ready to resist having food additional usually than what is truly required.

Obesity may be caused by a brand new phenomenon known as Psycho-Hunger. it’s true where you find yourself feeling hungry minutes once you had a decent whole meal. If you are a victim of Psycho-Hunger, your mind fools you into believing that you are hungry otherwise you misinterpreted the signals sent by your body as hunger. this might be due to one or additional of the subsequent reasons.

1. you are bored. as a result of you are bored, you tend to succeed in out for food when your body does not very require it. after you don’t have anything else to do, you naturally reach out for food to munch on. after you watch tv as a result of you are bored, you are doing not notice that you are eating lots additional.

2. you may just be thirsty. after you feel thirsty, the mind misinterprets it as hunger and you might in addition reach out for a pack of junk food.

If you have got food that is simply digestible like sugary food, you may feel hungry pretty fast. This leads to a situation where you would eat additional that your body’s demand. we have ways that to tackle this drawback.

1. Curb the temptation to possess food after you are bored and instead do one thing to distract you.

2. Drink lots of water once your meal. this manner you would not feel thirsty that will lead you to possess additional food. identify the bodily signals. Your body may truly be asking for water.

3. If you actually cannot resist having food, having high fiber food may be a good possibility. This takes more time to digest and keeps you from eating additional food. Also, there is continually a good range of healthy foods like fresh fruits and different non fatty foods.

Fight it – don’t succumb to it.


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