How to encourage your child/children as a parent

9 Nov

Parenthood in itself is a challenging opportunity that can either bring out the best or worst of a person’s personality, feelings and actions. It can encourage both truth and falsity in the minds of those that hold parenthood to be a defining element of their existence. As parents we encourage our children to seek new challenges, embrace new ideas and to not settle for the status quo.
In many instances we encourage our children to accept and practice those actions and beliefs that we hold dearly and discourage those actions and beliefs that we have found to be unacceptable. In most cases no one has to tell us that we are to be responsible or held accountable for the raising of our children. It is an assumption that is accepted by parents as being a part of the commitment called parenthood.
Even in its simplest form parenthood can be a challenge. Just when you believe that you have done a great job of nurturing and guiding your children in the way that you know best, parenthood teaches you a new lesson. Not all of parenthood’s lessons are welcomed, but they are all delivered. Whether we want them or not.
I believe that no two journey’s of parenthood are exactly the same. There are many elements of our lives that bring the challenges and joys of parenthood to the surface of our actions. But parenthood in itself has its own way and approach in showing both our strengths and weaknesses relating those beliefs and actions that we have committed ourselves to practicing.
Thinking about the children…
Our children will always remain in the forefront of our thoughts and actions. But even in our most well intentioned efforts, we are never fully equipped with all of the knowledge and wisdom needed to meet every challenge that life presents us in parenthood.
We make decisions that offer protection and guidance to our children when dealing with the challenges that life will present. We encourage our children to think independently while caring for others in a way that they would expect to be cared for themselves. We teach them that life may not always be fair, but it is just and often predictable for those that commit themselves to learning from the lessons that life will teach them.
Within the lessons of life, we find growth in our experiences and wisdom in our actions.
There is no question in our minds that our children are worth all that we learn and all that we teach.
There is no question in our minds that our children will be prepared to meet life’s greatest challenges.
There is no question in our minds that our children will serve our communities and countries armed with knowledge and wisdom that life will appreciate.
Therefore, there should be no question in our childrens minds as to whether our intentions as their parents are filled with anything but love, affection and commitment to developing their productive lives.
If you are a person that feels strongly about the commitment of parenthood, please share your thoughts and ideas within your reply…………..


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