World Malaria Day Special – part 1 – the issues That Hinder the worldwide Eradication of Malaria

7 Nov

International Politics And money Interests; and the way They have an effect on The Eradication Of Malaria Globally – half One

“. . . certain unethical individuals have engaged in the business of “selling health” by keeping alive the worry of sick health.”

“Powerful and Mighty is the Human Mind! It Builds or It Destroys.”

— Napoleon Hill


This article is my contribution to the events marking the world Malaria Day on April twenty five, 2009. it’s intended to draw the World’s attention to the inequities and different factors that are hindering the eradication of malaria globally. it’s time for individuals to understand that there’s a safer, healthier and higher means forward to achieve the Noble Goal of a malaria-free world.

Do you really want to Be Malaria-Free For Life? each single person who was asked this question, answered in the affirmative: Yes! Sure! Off Course! That confirms how precious a healthy life is to any or all of us.

Very well. Then this is a very vital issue for you to note. Therefore, i will wish to crave your indulgence to a small degree whereas, to examine how international politics and money interests have hindered setting up place, the enabling surroundings for a lasting cure for the disease; and have indeed been accountable for the shortcoming to eradicate malaria, particularly in Africa.

What you {will|you’ll|you may} learn from here will assist you understand fully why you ought to take responsibility for your own health if you would like to be really healthy and Be Malaria-Free For Life! initial, take one – Healthcare practice: how it all began.

In the beginning …

Originally, the apply of medicine was in the hands of priests, who were then alleged to look after the well being of the individuals “in body and soul”. drugs was practiced in its true type as a blend of Science and Art. Therefore, philosophy, logic, intuition, rational reasoning and perception were a part of it.

This was the rationale notable ancient physicians were additional successful in the treatment and cure of the varied diseases that they were confronted with. you can then understand why many of the massive names in medical apply at the time – Hippocrates, Paracelsus etc. – were conjointly learned philosophers of no mean repute, and whose influences are still felt till today.

The true ancient physician left nothing to chance when it came to treating sick individuals. He regarded the patient as an entire unit, not just some sick elements or organs. He so took note of the mental, emotional, as well as the physical symptoms, and different factors such as vocation, atmospheric condition, diet and so on. This we now visit as the holistic approach. The physician who handled cases in this means was additional thorough, economical and really successful in treating all cases brought before him or her.

Genesis Of The Split

With the advent of gross science and materialism, philosophy and medical science parted ways. Gross scientists became additional curious about solely what they’ll see and or touch. as the indefatigable English homeopathic physician, Dr. James C. Burnett puts it:

“..because the primordial cause is additional or less elusive and customarily quite beyond positive science, which solely admits of what it knows, and can not look for to encompass the unknown, by the process of thinking and reasoning. as a result of in former times, philosophy made science not possible, the votaries of science now round upon philosophy and sneer it out of read. To trace back proximate effects to remote causes is now ridiculed as a result of mere science is productive of a gross mindedness, incapable of following the fine threads of the upper perceptions”.

Rather unfortunately, this example still persists, to an outsized extent today, particularly in medical science. Unable to trace back the “proximate effects to remote causes”, western orthodox medical science has largely focused its attention and resources on treating the effects rather than the causes. this is why most treatments offered by that system are simply palliative or suppressive and in extreme cases, damaging. Persistence in such an approach winds up in making iatrogenic (drug or physician-induced) diseases and or new diseases or disease structures.

In distinction, natural, holistic and complementary therapies, commonly named as alternative medicines, which are based on Art and Science, and have incorporated in their practices, the very essences of life, logic, philosophy, ancient and trendy knowledge, intuition, hard-thinking and reasoning and facts; and are so ready “to trace back the proximate effects to remote causes”, by “following the fine threads of the upper perception”, do an ideal job in healing the sick and restoring harmony and order to an otherwise diseased individual or person.

The failure of modern medical science to prevent the ravages of diseases has now prompted the individuals to look back and see where they need gone astray. This has caused the reemergence into prominence, natural and holistic medicines which incorporate Art and Science in healing the sick.

Malaria As A take a look at Case

In the specific case of malaria, in spite of the big money and material resources at its disposal, western orthodox drugs or trendy medical science (allopathy), has proved itself incapable (or so it seems) of solving the riddle of finding a lasting cure for the disease, solely because of the reasons stated earlier on. This happens to be one in every of the cases that have become quite embarrassing to the allopaths, and to hide the truth of their ignorance; plenty of international politics and maneuvering have gone into the sport of finding “a lasting answer for the malaria scourge”

There has been some tries and are now being pursued vigorously, on the way to manufacture an “anti-malaria vaccine”. As you can imagine, billions of us dollars in analysis efforts and several years of “trial and error” techniques have gone into it with little success or disappointing results. They continue attempting anyway. however i will tell you while not worry of contradiction, that for all their efforts and also the many billions of us dollars spent and man hours wasted, if they succeed in bringing out the so known as “anti-malaria vaccine”, they’d have simply created “a monster” that may unleash a “new” and or “unknown” disease phenomena on malaria sufferers or potential victims so vaccinated; and also the whole world are worse for it.

The consequences of such a slip will however be unknown for a protracted time and can solely become manifest when many years; by which period plenty of havoc would have been wrecked on the lives of those who were vaccinated. I hold firm to the position that the “anti-malaria vaccine” possibility could be a horrendous idea based on poor judgement and lack of knowledge on the true nature of the disease.

Change In status Quo? … “Nothing Goes For Nothing?”

You also have to remember that one in every of the essential concerns in resolving knotty problems internationally is the money or different tangible edges the initiators or propagators of the theme stand to realize.

Again, in the specific case of malaria which is endemic to several elements of Africa and different areas of the world known as “third world” or “developing countries”, does one really assume that the multi-trillion dollars drug industries, pharmaceutical corporations and analysis laboratories and the promoting outfits came upon in the industrialized or developed countries to provide, as it were, “relief” for malaria sufferers, (by churning out anti-malarials, lethal chemicals and insecticides) are closed down overnight without any incentives, money or otherwise, so as to pursue a additional wise, rational, safer, cost-effective and natural possibility or program?

That is actually most unlikely, unless there’s a very charitable and philanthropic spirit behind it. and that would be quite magnanimous.

We have to recollect conjointly that some manufacturers in some countries manufacture these anti-malarials, chemicals, insecticides and mosquito coils purely for export! Their own voters do not touch them with a protracted pole. That then raises the question of safety and effectiveness. What this means is that, goodbye as the malaria problem persists, the happier some individuals are, their perceived “help” notwithstanding.

It is obvious so that there’s plenty of international politics concerned in finding a cure or lasting answer to the malaria pandemic. and also the ERADICATION of the disease is not a problem that is being contemplated, now or in the near future. At least, not from the standpoint of the allopathic anti-malaria merchandise manufacturers or their promoting outfits.

You really have to be “smart” and innovative to examine and understand that the solution is actually not as hidden or tough as is being made to be. the proper data and its application let alone good previous “Common Sense” (which in many cases is not so common) is all that it takes, as we will see later.

The Positive amendment requires “A Labour Of Love”

If solely a fraction of the many billions of us dollars spent thus far, (and continues to be spent), to develop these anti-malaria drugs, to analysis and or manufacture an anti-malaria vaccine, were directed towards implementing the measures which I actually have enunciated in the book, “The Real Causes And Cure Of MALARIA”, the world would have by now been rid of, or nearly rid of this parasitic disease. plenty of thoughtfulness, love, compassion, a very caring humane spirit and feelings, a true and genuine need to help – a “Labour of Love” – is required on the a part of the International Community to bring lasting relief and answer for the malaria scourge.

This does not mean an advocacy of irresponsible behaviour and damaging lifestyle on the a part of those countries or places where malaria could be a problem, just because international support is or are provided. I actually have emphasised under the suitable chapter in the book under reference, what has to be done by the varied countries. If these measures are aggressively and realistically implemented to the letter, malaria are worn out or brought under absolute management, {in a|during a|in an exceedingly|in a very} very short period of time, while not endangering the lives of the individuals or making new disease phenomena through drastic drugging and unhealthy preventive measures.

Which is the Most Important? – Eradicating Malaria to avoid wasting Human Lives or Providing Temporary Relief to make Insane Wealth For some At The Expense Of The Less fortunate Ignorant Victims?

My contention so is that solely the countries or regions tormented by the malaria problem or those genuinely curious about helping them through credible and really charitable organizations or channels will see the knowledge in implementing the recommendations and approaches set forth therein. Others might find the mind-boggling money rewards in their gift approaches too tempting and may indeed cloud their reasoning such as to be vehemently opposed to any measures or new approaches that may erode their money gains or amendment in “status quo”; the constraints and health hazards in their approaches notwithstanding.

Then the last word questions arise. What does the world want? And which of the following choices is most vital and or best suited to achieve the required objective? Eradicating malaria through rational, safe, effective, healthy, cheap and really dynamic holistic strategies to avoid wasting human lives; or providing temporary relief through suppressive and “anti” strategies to make insane wealth for some at the expense of the less fortunate ignorant victims?

These are the crucial questions the world should answer URGENTLY if a disaster is to be averted. The malaria pandemic is already an international emergency and will make the Asian tsunami relief effort, a child’s play as compared, if affirmative positive action is not taken now. Time is running out.

This is a game of international politics involving a multi-trillion dollar drug industry; kind|a form} of “biological and chemical warfare” of some sort. Else how does anyone justify what is occurring now despite the new frontiers in natural, holistic and complementary therapies in healthcare practice? basically so, if you are a victim or somebody who really cares concerning the unnecessary and avoidable deaths of malaria sufferers or potential victims, and need a lasting cure for malaria, or want to be really healthy, you are on your own and you simply have to pay attention now or . . . Believe it or not, solely time will tell.

Remember, you can “Be Malaria-Free For Life!”

Yes, You Can!

This is to Your good Health.


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