How Celebrities Survived Cancer

25 Oct

Becoming a nurse will be one in all the foremost rewarding jobs offered. daily you get to visualize folks defy the chances and overcome their numerous diseases. Cancer are some things that affects our society as an entire and are some things that we tend to putting your all into daily to search out a cure to. There are faces to the current serious illness and as a nurse you’ll be ready to facilitate folks everyday overcome this serious matter. Here could be a list of famous celebrities who have defied all odds and currently facilitate folks by putting a famous face on cancer. simply proves this affects everybody, despite who you’re.
Sharon Osbourne. over simply Ozzy’s wife, Sharon has shown her own star power ever since she became a household name on the truth show The Osbournes. However, this Hollywood mom was diagnosed in 2002 with colon cancer. Sharon currently works with a support cluster to use her expertise to assist others managing colon cancer.
Christina Applegate and Cheryl Crow. These famous girls are known in tow totally different fields, Cheryl for her music and Christina for acting. Christina Applegate was diagnosed in 2008 and opted to possess a double mastectomy. Cheryl was diagnosed in 2006 and conjointly went through surgery to treat her cancer.
Michael Douglas. The famous actor was diagnosed in 2010 with throat cancer. once the cancer reached advanced stages, Michael fought aggressively with chemo and radiation. He has overwhelmed the chances and is currently in remission. He continues to urge frequent checkups to form certain that it doesn’t seem once more.
Michael C. Hall. taking part in a serial killer on the tv show Dexter wasn’t enough for Michael to be immune from cancer. In 2010 he conjointly revealed that he was battling a treatable kind of Hodgkin’s Lymphoma. once fighting the disease with cancer he was back to figure on his show. He currently lends his efforts to be the face of the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society’s light-weight the Night Campaign.
As a nurse you’d be ready to facilitate people like these fight cancer and facilitate shed to a small degree little bit of light-weight within the time of want. If you’re pondering nursing it’s best to try and do your analysis and notice the most effective nursing college which will be ready to facilitate the niche that you just would like to pursue. By selecting this profession you’ll be able to amendment someone’s life and provides them hope


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